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Previous Meetings

List of number of meetings, venues, dates and chairmanship of the Development Committee

Meeting No.DateLocationChairmanNationality
107April 12, 2023Washington, DCMohamed bin Hadi Al HussainiUnited Arab Emirates
106October 14, 2022Washington, DCAzucena ArbelecheUruguay
105April 22, 2022Washington, DC Azucena ArbelecheUruguay
104October 15, 2021VirtualMia Amor MottleyBarbados
103April 9, 2021VirtualMia Amor MottleyBarbados
102October 6, 2020VirtualKen Ofori-AttaGhana
101April 17, 2020VirtualKen Ofori-AttaGhana
100October 19, 2019Washington, DCKen Ofori-AttaGhana
99April 13, 2019Washington, DCKen Ofori-AttaGhana
98October 13, 2018Bali, IndonesiaSri Mulyani IndrawatiIndonesia
97April 21, 2018Washington, DCSri Mulyani IndrawatiIndonesia
96October 14, 2017Washington, DCSri Mulyani IndrawatiIndonesia
95April 22, 2017Washington, DCSri Mulyani IndrawatiIndonesia
94October 8, 2016Washington, DCSri Mulyani IndrawatiIndonesia
93April 16, 2016Washington, DCBambang BrodjonegoroIndonesia
92October 10, 2015Lima, PeruMarek BelkaPoland
91April 18, 2015Washington, DCMarek BelkaPoland
90October 11, 2014Washington, DCMarek BelkaPoland
89April 12, 2014Washington, DCMarek BelkaPoland
88October 12, 2013Washington, DCMarek BelkaPoland
87April 20, 2013Washington, DCMarek BelkaPoland
86October 13, 2012Tokyo, JapanMarek BelkaPoland
85April 21, 2012Washington, DCMarek BelkaPoland
84September 24, 2011Washington, DCAhmed bin Mohammed Al KhalifaBahrain
83April 16, 2012Washington, DCAhmed bin Mohammed Al KhalifaBahrain
82October 9, 2010Washington, DCAhmed bin Mohammed Al KhalifaBahrain
81April 25, 2010Washington, DCAhmed bin Mohammed Al KhalifaBahrain
80October 5, 2009Istanbul, TurkeyAgustin CarstensMexico
79April 26, 2009Washington, DCAgustin CarstensMexico
78October 12, 2008Washington, DCAgustin CarstensMexico
77April 13, 2008Washington DCAgustin CarstensMexico
76October 20, 2007Washington DCAgustin CarstensMexico
75April 15, 2007Washington, DCAgustin CarstensMexico
74September 18, 2006SingaporeAlberto CarrasquillaColombia
73April 23, 2006Washington, DCAlberto CarrasquillaColombia
72September 25, 2005Washington, DCTrevor ManuelSouth Africa
71April 17, 2005Washington, DCTrevor ManuelSouth Africa
70October 2, 2004Washington, DCTrevor ManuelSouth Africa
69April 25, 2004Washington, DCTrevor ManuelSouth Africa
68September 22, 2003Dubai, UAETrevor ManuelSouth Africa
67April 13, 2003Washington, DCTrevor ManuelSouth Africa
66September 28, 2002Washington, DCTrevor ManuelSouth Africa
65April 21, 2002Washington, DCTrevor ManuelSouth Africa
64November 18, 2001Ottawa *Yashwant SinhaIndia
63April 30, 2001Washington, D.C.Yashwant SinhaIndia
62September 25, 2000PragueYashwant SinhaIndia
61April 17, 2000Washington, D.C.Tarrin NimmanahaemindaThailand
60September 27, 1999Washington, D.C.Tarrin NimmanahaemindaThailand
59April 28, 1999Washington, D.C.Tarrin NimmanahaemindaThailand
58October 5, 1998Washington, D.C.Tarrin NimmanahaemindaThailand
57April 17, 1998Washington, D.C.Anwar IbrahimMalaysia
56September 22. 1997Hong KongDriss JettouMorocco
55April 29, 1997Washington, D.C.Mohamed KabbajMorocco
54October 3, 1996Washington, D.C.Mohamed KabbajMorocco
53September 30, 1996Washington, D.C.Mohamed KabbajMorocco
52April 23, 1996Washington, D.C.Mohamed KabbajMorocco
51October 9, 1995Washington, D.C.Mohamed KabbajMorocco
50April 27, 1995Washington, D.C.Mohamed KabbajMorocco
49October 3, 1994Madrid, SpainMourad CherifMorocco
48April 26, 1994Washington, D.C.M’Hamed SagouMorocco
47September 27, 1993Washington, D.C.Rudolf HommesColombia
46May 1, 1993Washington, D.C.Ricardo HaussmannVenezuela
45September 24, 1992Washington, D.C.Ricardo HaussmannVenezuela
44September 21, 1992Washington, D.C.Alejandro FoxleyChile
43April 28, 1992Washington, D.C.Alejandro FoxleyChile
42October 14, 1991Bangkok, ThailandAlejandro FoxleyChile
41April 30, 1991Washington, D.C.Alejandro FoxleyChile
40September 27, 1990Washington, D.C.B.G.T. ChidzeroZimbabwe
39September 24, 1990Washington, D.C.B.G.T. ChidzeroZimbabwe
38May 8, 1990Washington, D.C.B.G.T. ChidzeroZimbabwe
37September 25, 1989Washington, D.C.B.G.T. ChidzeroZimbabwe
36April 4, 1989Washington, D.C.B.G.T. ChidzeroZimbabwe
35September 29, 1988Berlin (West)B.G.T. ChidzeroZimbabwe
34September 26, 1988Berlin (West)B.G.T. ChidzeroZimbabwe
33April 15, 1988Washington, D.C.B.G.T. ChidzeroZimbabwe
32September 28, 1987Washington, D.C.B.G.T. ChidzeroZimbabwe
31April 10, 1987Washington, D.C.B.G.T. ChidzeroZimbabwe
30October 2, 1986Washington, D.C.Ghulam IshaqPakistan
29September 29, 1986Washington, D.C.Ghulam Ishaq KhanPakistan
28April 10-11, 1986Washington, D.C.Ghulam Ishaq KhanPakistan
27October 7, 1985Seoul, KoreaGhulam Ishaq KhanPakistan
26April 18-19, 1985Washington, D.C.Ghulam Ishaq KhanPakistan
25September 26, 1984Washington, D.C.Ghulam Ishaq KhanPakistan
24September 23, 1984Washington, D.C.Ghulam Ishaq KhanPakistan
23April 13, 1984Washington, D.C.Ghulam Ishaq KhanPakistan
22September 26, 1983Washington, D.C.Ghulam Ishaq KhanPakistan
21April 28-29, 1983Washington, D.C.Ghulam Ishaq KhanPakistan
20September 8, 1982Toronto, CanadaGhulam Ishaq KhanPakistan
19September 5, 1982Toronto, CanadaManuel Ulloa EliasPeru
18May 13-14, 1982Helsinki, FinlandManuel Ulloa EliasPeru
17September 27-28, 1981Washington, D.C.Manuel Ulloa EliasPeru
16May 22, 1981Libreville, GabonDavid Ibarra MuñozMexico
15October 2, 1980Washington, D.C.David Ibarra MuñozMexico
14September 29, 1980Washington, D.C.Cesar E.A. VirataPhilippines
13April 24, 1980Hamburg, GermanyCesar E.A. VirataPhilippines
12September 30, 1979Belgrade, YugoslaviaCesar E.A. VirataPhilippines
11September 27, 1978Washington, D.C.Cesar E.A. VirataPhilippines
10September 23, 1978Washington, D.C.Cesar E.A. VirataPhilippines
9September 25, 1977Washington, D.C.Cesar E.A. VirataPhilippines
8April 27, 1977Washington, D.C.Cesar E.A. VirataPhilippines
7October 6, 1976Manila, PhilippinesCesar E.A. VirataPhilippines
6October 3, 1976Manila, PhilippinesHenri Konan BedieCote d’Ivoire
5January 9, 1976Kingston, JamaicaHenri Konan BedieCote d’Ivoire
4September 3-4, 1975Washington, D.C.Henri Konan BedieCote d’Ivoire
3June 12-13, 1975Paris, FranceHenri Konan BedieCote d’Ivoire
2January 17, 1975Washington, D.C.Henri Konan BedieCote d’Ivoire
1October 2-3, 1974Washington D.C.Henri Konan BedieCote d’Ivoire

* Because of the terrorist attack on 9/11/2001, the Annual Meeting to be held in Washington was cancelled; the Development Committee and IMFC were held in Ottawa in Nov. 2001