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Declaration ecrit de Bruno Le Maire, Ministre de l'Economie des Finances et de la Relance, France 2022 Fall DC/S/2022-0051(F) LE MARIE, Bruno French
Declaration ecrit de Chrystia Freeland, Vice-Premiere Ministre et Ministre des Finances, Canada 2022 Fall DC/S/2022-0064(F) FREELAND, Chrystia French
Declaration ecrite de Ingrid Olga Ghislaine Ebouka-Babackas, Ministre du Plan, de la Statistique et de L'Integration, Regionale de la Republique du Congo 2022 Fall DC/S/2022-0038(F) EBOUKA-BABACKAS, Ingrid Olga Ghislaine French
Statement by Abdulrahman Al-Hamidy, Director General Chairman of the Board, Arab Monetary Fund 2022 Fall DC/S/2022-0068 AL-HAMIDY, Abdulrahman English
Statement by Achim Steiner, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, United Nations 2022 Fall DC/S/2022-0056 STEINER, Achim English
Statement by Alexey Overchuk, Deputy Prime Minister, Russian Federation 2022 Fall DC/S/2022-0049 OVERCHUK, Alexey English
Statement by Alvaro Lario, President, International Fund for Agricultural Development 2022 Fall DC/S/2022-0040 LARIO, Alvaro English
Statement by Annika Saarikko, Minister of Finance, Finland 2022 Fall DC/S/2022-0057 SAARIKKO, Annika English
Statement by Bruno Le Maire, Minister for Economy, Finance and the Recovery, France 2022 Fall DC/S/2022-0051(E) LE MARIE, Bruno English
Statement by Carlo Monticelli, Governor, Council of Europe Development Bank 2022 Fall DC/S/2022-0039 MONTICELLI, Carlo English
Statement by Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Canada 2022 Fall DC/S/2022-0064(E) FREELAND, Chrystia English
Statement by Datuk Seri Asri Hamidon, Treasury Secretary General, Malaysia 2022 Fall DC/S/2022-0050 HAMIDON, Datuk Seri Asri English
Statement by Dier Tong Ngor, Minister of Finance and Planning, Republic of South Sudan 2022 Fall DC/S/2022-0045 NGOR, Dier Tong English
Statement by Enoch Godongwana, Minister of Finance, Ministry of Finance, South Africa 2022 Fall DC/S/2022-0055 GODONGWANA, Enoch English
Statement by Gilbert Houngbo, Director-General, International Labour Organization 2022 Fall DC/S/2022-0044 HOUNGBO, Gilbert English
Statement by Guy Parmelin, Head of the Federal Department for Economic Affairs, Education and Research, Switzerland 2022 Fall DC/S/2022-0063 PARMELIN, Guy English
Statement by Ignazio Visco, Gorvernor of the Bank of Intaly 2022 Fall DC/S/2022-0062 VISCO, Ignazio English
Statement by Ingrid Olga Ghislaine Ebouka-Babackas, Minister of Planning, Statistics, and Integration, Republic of Congo 2022 Fall DC/S/2022-0038(E) EBOUKA-BABACKAS, Ingrid Olga Ghislaine English
Statement by James Cleverly, Secretary of State for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, and Kwasi Kwarteng, Chancellor of the Exchequer, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 2022 Fall DC/S/2022-0059 CLEVERLY, James and KWARTENG, Kwasi English
Statement by Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury, United States 2022 Fall DC/S/2022-0060 YELLEN, Janet English