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Title Meeting Document Number Language
Directives pour la gestión de la dette publique 2001 Spring DC2001-0002 (F) French
Supporting Country Development: Strengthening the World Bank Group's Support for Middle-Income Countries 2001 Spring DC2001-0005 English
Tendances récentes du transfert de ressources aux pays en développement 2001 Spring DC2001-0003 (F) French
Harmonization of Operational Policies: Procedures and Practices: Experience to Date 2001 Spring DC2001-0006 English
Poverty Reduction and Global Public Goods: A Progress Report 2001 Spring DC2001-0007 English
The Development Challenge of HIV/AIDS: Update on World Bank Activities 2001 Spring DC2001-0009 English
Principles and Guidelines for Effective Insolvency and Creditor Rights Systems 2001 Spring DC2001-0008/1 English
Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers - Progress in Implementation 2001 Spring DC2001-0010 English
Fighting Poverty and Strengthening Growth in Low-Income Countries - Joint Memorandum from the President of the World Bank and the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund 2001 Spring DC2001-0011 English
Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) - Progress Report 2001 Spring DC2001-0012 English
The Challenge of Maintaining Long-Term External Debt Sustainability 2001 Spring DC2001-0013 English
Principes et directives régissant le traitement de l'insolvabilité et la protection des droits des créances 2001 Spring DC2001-0008/1 French
Le développement menacé par le VIH/SIDA: Rapport intérimaire sur les activités du Groupe de la Banque mondiale 2001 Spring DC2001-0009(F) French
Promouvoir le commerce pour le développement: le rôle de la Banque mondiale 2001 Spring DC2001-0004(F) French
Assistance to Post-Conflict Countries and the HIPC Framework 2001 Spring DC2001-0014 English
Tendencias Recientes de la Transferencia de Recursos a los Países en Desarrollo 2001 Spring DC2001-0003(S) Spanish
Reducción de la Pobreza y Bienes Públicos Mundiales: Informe de Situación 2001 Spring DC2001-0007(S) Spanish
Note from the President of the World Bank 2001 Spring DC2001-0015 English
Enhancing Contributions to Combating Money Laundering - Summings-up of the Discussion of the Board of Directors of the WorldBank and of the International Monetary Fund 2001 Spring DC2001-0016 English
La Promoción del Desarrollo a través del Comercio: La Función del Banco Mundial 2001 Spring DC2001-0004(S) Spanish