Mia Amor Mottley


Mia Amor Motley


Mia Amor Mottley, our current Chair, is the 8th Prime Minister of Barbados. She became the first woman to occupy this high office with an emphatic victory on May 24th 2018, winning all 30 seats in the House of Assembly by the largest margin ever seen in the electoral history of the country (nearly 75% of the popular vote).

An attorney-at-law and Queen’s Counsel (denotes an attorney-at-law of high and distinguished standing in the British Commonwealth), Prime Minister Mottley has been active in the political life of Barbados for three decades. First elected in 1994, she is presently serving her sixth term as a Member of Parliament. As one of the most experienced political minds in the Caribbean, Prime Minister Mottley currently also holds the portfolios of Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs and Sustainable Development along with National Security and the Public Service.

At the regional level, Prime Minister Mottley recently concluded her Chairmanship of CARICOM and has lead responsibility for the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) under the CARICOM quasi-cabinet.
She is the Governor for Barbados at the World Bank Group, International Monetary Fund, Inter-American Development Bank, and Caribbean Development Bank.